Find your Triggr+ points here

Triggr+ is the handicapping and ranking system used at Wyre Gun Club. Simply add your Triggr+ points to your score at the end of your round.  The handicap allows shooters of all abilities to compete fairly against each other and the layout.

Triggr+ Score

Your Triggr+ score is your actual score plus your Triggr+ points.
Example: Mark scores 63 and he has 42 Triggr+ points. His Triggr+ score is 63+42=105.

Tip: If you are shooting 50 Sporting simply halve your Triggr+ points

Weekly Prizes

To reward club shooters, every week there are rounds of 100 Sporting clays and 50 Sporting clays up for grabs for the individuals with the highest Triggr+ scores posted on each layout at either the Friday or Sunday Wyre Gun Club shoots.

The previous week’s Triggr+ winner’s names are posted at the club the following Friday and Sunday only. Prizes must be used the same week or they will be forfeited.

How do I get a Triggr+ handicap?

If you do not already have a Triggr+ handicap, you will need to submit three 100 Sporting scorecards at Wyre Gun Club. The average score for these three rounds will be your handicap. For example, if your average score was 60, your Triggr+ handicap would be 40.

How can I get my Triggr+ handicap adjusted?

Each month there is an opportunity to get your Triggr+ points adjusted. When you submit a 100 Sporting scorecard at one of our monthly Triggr competitions, your score will be used to recalculate your Triggr+ points. You can find the dates for upcoming Triggr competitions here.


Your Triggr+ score can be increased or decreased by a maximum of 3% per month.