Triggr-7 was held on Sunday 22nd July 2018.

Paul Coxhead (pictured right above), who also won Triggr-2 back in February, scored an impressive 87 to pull off the victory on by far the toughest layout of the year so far. One of the veterans of the Whitestake dynasty, Paul is still a more than capable shot in all disciplines and it’s always good to see him on the Sporting ground.

We used the competition this month to test a new handicapping system we are calling Triggr+. It will replace our ranking system and opens up the opportunity of weekly prizes and allows shooters of all abilities to compete fairly against each other and the layout.

The inaugural Triggr+ winner was Colin Warner. Colin wins a round of 100 Sporting clays. Well done.

You can find more details about Triggr+ here or ask at the ground. Cheers.

Triggr-8 is being held on 19th August.