Triggr-6 was held on 24th June 2018.

A determined and resilient Damien Garner didn’t allow blazing heat and a tricky layout to throw him off his game as he rattled off a mighty 93/100 to leave the ground as the latest winner of our Triggr Series. Well shot.

Top lady was Zoe Perkins with 73 closely followed by Hilary Hankin with 72.

John Williamson was high gun in the 50 Sporting with an excellent 48/50.


100 Sporting
A. D. Garner 93
B. D. Hankin 81
C. B. Brayfield and M. Perkins 69

50 Sporting
A. J. Williamson 48
B. S. Henderson 40
C. S. Anderson 29

Triggr-7 will be held on Sunday 22nd July 2018.