Triggr-4 was held on 29th April 2018.

The 100 Sporting was keenly fought with John Swires (89/100) and Triggr-3 winner Darren Lakeland (86/100) threatening eventual winner Sam Fitzgerald (93/100) throughout. Sam, wielding his trusty Krieghoff, and shooting Cheddite Smart Strike fibres was as consistent as ever though and a worthy winner.

In the B Class it was a matter of practice paying off, both Darren Finnerty (81/100) and Steve Riley (80/100) braved the elements last week to get to grips with the layout and it’s a shame one of them had to lose. Excellent shooting both, well done.

Star of the show was Hilary Hankin (pictured left with Sarah Oldham) in the C Class. She put in a brilliant personal best 69/100 to beat a strong field and take a well deserved victory.

In the 50 Sporting, John Williamson (46/50) shot out of his skin, keeping a level head and making all his hard work on the course pay off. Ben Wilson and Steve Henderson tied in the B Class (39/50) and Paul Airey held it together when it mattered and won the C Class (30/50).

100 Sporting Results

A. Sam Fitzgerald (93/100)
B. Darren Finnerty (81/100)
C. Hilary Hankin (69/100)

50 Sporting Results

A. John Williamson (46/50)
B. Ben Wilson and Steve Henderson (39/50)
C. Paul Airey (30/50)