Clay shooting in Lancashire has never been more popular and with summer on its way, now is
a great time to give the sport a try and see if it’s a potential hobby for you. Fresh air, plenty of interesting kit and equipment to research when you’re at a loose end, and most of all it’s a great sport to try and master whatever your age or sex.

Shooting is far more accessible than most people think, there’s a social side if you want it but it can be a great solo pursuit too.

The most sensible route into the sport is to book a lesson and have a go. You’ll soon know if you’re likely to be bitten by the clay pigeon shooting bug or not. You can then embark on a more comprehensive set of lessons to learn proper shotgun handling skills and the basic shooting techniques that will form the foundation of your ongoing development as a shooter.

Shotgun Certificate

Should you decide you’d like to buy a shotgun of your own you will first need to be granted a Shotgun Certificate from the authorities. On the basis that there are no obvious reasons why a Shotgun Certificate should not be granted to you, we recommend that you should submit your application after you’ve had a couple of lessons and are confident that shooting sports are for you.

Forms can be downloaded from the following external link:-

It can take several months for the Lancashire Firearms Licensing team to deal with your application. Be patient and use the intervening period to continue your development as a shooter. You should take a sufficient number of lessons to ensure you are safe and confident with your gun handling skills and then you are welcome to start attending our weekly club shoots. We’ll lend you a shotgun and team you up with experienced Shotgun Certificate holders who’ll be there to lend a helping hand should you need it.

You can also use the time to begin researching the various different shotguns on the market both online and by visiting the local gun shops. Once your Shotgun Certificate is granted, you’ll be ready to go out and buy your first shotgun.

With a shotgun of your own the shooting world will then really open up for you. To start with there are a number of quality shooting grounds in Lancashire and the neighbouring counties for you to visit and test and improve your newly developed skills.

Give us a call today to book your first lesson.

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